curated by: Maxmilian Colloredo-Mansfeld
support: Piotr Sikora
artists: Tomáš Kurečka, Martin Pondělíček, Štefan Tóth, Tereza Zelenková, Roman Štětina, Šárka Koudelová, Dana Sahánková
// featuring Baroque painter Giacomo del Po

ENG/ The AEON addresses the issue of time-obsessed isolation within the art world and rejects the confinements of stylistic eras. It instead invites the past to be part of the present and vice versa.A radical metamorphosis might take place as the visitor faces the encounter of the Baroque painting Apotheosis by Giacomo del Po with the contemporary art of its successors: Tomáš Kurečka, Štefan Tóth, Tereza Zelenkova, Martin Pondělíček, Šárka Koudelová, Dana Sahánková and Roman Štětina. Standing face to face with the after-effects of its existence, the baroque artwork seems more vulnerable in the light of present criticism and admiration. This vulnerability lets us reflect on its historical value and propose an alternate narrative of our past thanks to the help of contemporary art.

photos by: Světlana Malinová