Tip of the Tongue

curated by: Natálie Kubíková, Mia Milgrom
exhibiting artists: Juliet Carpenter, Andrea Marcellier, Jiří Pitrmuc, Eva Rybářová, Markéta Slaná, Erika Velická & Tereza Kalousová, Matyáš Maláč, Zeynep Yilmaz

1# reading: Markéta Adamcová, Julie Béna, Zeynep Yilmaz, Tianrui Pan

2# reading: Adam Vačkář, Eva Rybářová, Larisa Crunțeanu, Erika Velická, Matyáš Maláč & Vojtěch Novák

11.5 - 22.7. 2023

Tip of the Tongue strives to be an intricate exploration of the creative process, its language and all in between. These are diary entries, unrealized ideas, scripts or inner dialogues, eclectic textual forms that can be parts of personal archives and visual artworks. It can be thought of as a collective excavation of the unseen that holds postures and creates foundations. Pressing the matter of writing as an artistic medium creates a moment of togetherness and attention through combining performative live readings with existing physical works inside the exhibition.

photos by: Shotby.us, Jakub Hájek
graphic design: SelmeciKockaJusko